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TELRI Newsletter No. 9

Coordinator: Dr. Wolfgang Teubert

Editors: Prof. Eva Hajicová, Mgr. Barbora Hladka

Contributions to TELRI newsletter, and address corrections, should be sent to:, fax: +42 2 21 91 43 09

Welcome to the Fourth TELRI Seminar with the topic Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography

This issue of TELRI Newsletter contains abstracts of the papers given at the Seminar. It will be followed by a book of proceedings which will be published early 2000. Please see the webpages (sorry, the link is not available yet) for publication guidlines and details of submission.

The start of TELRI II was a bit slow, but the Bratislava Seminar will demonstrate what TELRI can offer now to the HLT community in terms of language resources and innovative approaches to monolingual and multilingual language technology applications. The last years have seen a remarkable increase in research and development projects of our partners, and many of these projects involved industrial participation. The TELRI network has become a dependable address for high-quality service to the academic and industrial communities.

Like the previous TELRI seminars, our Bratislava Seminar will be an attractive forum for the exchange of tools and resources, for sharing experience and competence, and for promoting new ideas and professional solutions.


The Uzbek Language Automaton
Hamdam Arzikulov, Andrey Isambaev
Spoken corpora
Anna Baczkowska
ETAP Linguistic Processor and Construction of a Dependency Treebank for Russian
Igor Boguslavsky
Automatic Extraction of Terminological Translation Lexicon from Czech-English Parallel Texts
Martin Čmejrek, Jan Curin
Generic Bilingual Word-alignment and Terminology Acquisition Tools
Ido Dagan
Encoding and Presenting an English-Slovene Dictionary and Corpus
Tomaz Erjavec
Silent Anaphora
Charles J. Fillmore
Information structure and coreference in the Prague Dependency Treebank
Eva Hajičová
Distance between Languages as Measured by A Minimal-Entropy Model
Primoz Jakopin
Metalexicography and Reusability of Bilingual Dictionaries
Alexandra Jarosova
INTEX for Windows Description of Bulgarian Lexical and Grammatical knowledge
Svetla Koeva
Multilingual Terminology: Does the dictionary model apply?
Ann Lawson, Laurent Romary
The Importance of Syntagmatic Dimension in Multilingual Lexicography
Ruta Marcinkeviciene
Developing a Russian-Finnish Parallel Text Corpus for Lexicographic Work and Translation Studies: Towards Automation of Routine Procedures
Mihail Mihailov, Hannu Tommola
First Steps in Development of Morphological Classification for Computer-Aided Lexicon of Latvian
Everita Milconoka
The Structure of Bilingual Lexicon Entry Viewed by DICTATOR (A Software Tool for Dictionary Annotation, Compilation and Upgrade)
Elena Paskaleva
The Corpus and the Meaning of Words
John Sinclair
BRIDGE Dictionaries as Bridges Between Languages
Hana Skoumalová
A Multilingual Dictionary or a Set of Bilingual Dictionaries?
Helena Svobodová
Procedures and Methods Used in Building Croatian-English Parallel Corpus
Marko Tadic
Discourse and Meaning
Wolfgang Teubert
Tagging with Combined Language Models and Large Tagsets
Dan Tufis
Analysing the Fluency of Translators
Rafal Uzar, Jacek Walinski
Translation Equivalence and Non-Equivalence in Parallel Corpora
Tamás Váradi, Gábor Kiss
Sources for Creation of Bilingual Dictionary - the DICTATOR (Dictionary Annotation, Compilation and Upgrade)
Bojanka Zaharieva
Hybrid Approaches for Automatic Segmentation and Annotation of Chinese Text Corpus
Feng Zhiwei
Construction principles of multilingual (English-Polish-Belorussian-Russian) computer dictionary for students
Alexandre Zubov
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