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Sources for Creation of Bilingual Dictionary - the DICTATOR (Dictionary Annotation, Compilation and Upgrade)

Bojanka Zaharieva
Linguistic Modelling Laboratory (LLM)
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Sofia, Bulgaria

We will present the system /DICTATOR/, developed in LML-BAS. It is used for automatic annotation, conversion and creation of a bilingual dictionary. We have developed the specification of a DICTATOR DTD, subset of TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange and defined the dictionary entry for the system.

DICTATOR provides a large set of tools:

  • creation of a bilingual dictionary in electronic form using the computational model of the dictionary entry;
  • conversion of data in a printed dictionary format to a dictionary in electronic form;
  • compilation of dictionaries;
  • automatic annotation of a dictionary with tag set for encoding based on TEI Guidelines for Dictionary Encoding.
  • electronic dictionary editing ;
  • electronic dictionary upgrade;
  • DB operations on a bilingual dictionary.

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