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Spoken Corpora

Anna Baczkowska
Bydgoszcz Pedagogical University
Department of Englisch and Linguistics
Bydgoszcz, Poland

My research concentrates on creating two types of spoken corpora: InterEnglish and Polish. InterEnglish is acorpus (c. 70 000 running words) of English Interlanguage produced by advanced students of English. The Polish corpus (c. 7 000 running words) is acorpus of educated younger generation of Poles. One of the possible areas of investigation is the identification of types of transfer-related errors in InterEnglish on the basis of vocabulary-oriented analysis of the two corpora. Acorpus-based observation from the perspectives of the source and the target language is areliable source of information and brings ample evidence of studentsí problem areas in learning English. Multilingual Dictionaries sensitive to such language-specific problems, especially with collocations, would cater for all EFL learners' needs viz. the enhancement of native-like sound in the target language. The corpus of spoken Polish is arich source of information about the language itself as well as its impact on studying any foreign language.

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