Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure - II

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TELRI Seminars

7th TELRI European Seminar
Information in Corpora
Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 26-28, 2002
6th TELRI European Seminar
Multilingual Corpus Research
Bansko, Bulgaria, November 8-11, 2001
5th TELRI European Seminar
Corpus Linguistics: How to Extract Meaning from Corpora
Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 22-24, 2000
4th TELRI European Seminar
Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography
Bratislava, Slovakia, November 5-7, 1999
3rd TELRI European Seminar
Translation Equivalence - Theory and Practice
Montecatini, Tuscany, Italy, October 16-18, 1997
2nd TELRI European Seminar
Language Applications for a Multilingual Society
Kaunas, Lithuania, April 17-20, 1997
1st TELRI European Seminar
Language Resources for Language Technology
Tihany, Hungary, September 15-16, 1995
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