Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure - II

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The Concerted Action TELRI II is a pan-European alliance of currently 28 focal national language (technology) institutions with the emphasis on Central and Eastern European and NIS countries. It is planned to extend this alliance during the course of the Concerted Action with at least 3 new nodes in CEE/NIS. 

TELRI II´s primary objectives are:

  • to strengthen the pan-European infrastructure for the multilingual language research and development community;
  • to collect, promote, and make available monolingual and multilingual language resources and tools for the extraction of language data and linguistic knowledge; 
  • to offer a customized comprehensive service to academic and industrial users;
  • to prepare and organize research and development projects focusing on translation aids, multilingual authoring systems, and information retrieval;
  • to provide a forum where experts from academia and industry share and assess tools and resources, assess software, evaluate new trends, investigate alternative approaches, and engage in joint activities; 
  • to make available the expertise of its partner institutions to the research community, to the public, and to language industry. 
TELRI II will implement these objectives in the following activities:
  • Networking: This work package includes liaising with related infrastructure activities, centres, and institutions, promoting TELRI activities (newsletter, webpage, TELRI list), and strengthening the permanent infrastructure of the TELRI Association.
  • TELRI Seminars: The series of successful TELRI seminars will be continued with annual seminars in CEE/NIS countries.
  • TRACTOR Service: This work package comprises promotion, support, and availability of customized service to the TRACTOR User Community.
  • TRACTOR Tools and Resources: This work package focuses on the acquisition of attractive tools and resources for TRACTOR, the TELRI Research Archive of Computational Tools and Resources.
  • Organizing Joint Research: TELRI partners will prepare European R&D projects with strong industrial involvement focusing on multilingual language and terminology issues.
The multilingual language technology community, as a whole, and the dictionary, translation technology, terminology, and information retrieval communities, in particular, will profit from the TELRI II Accompanying Measure in various ways:
  • As participants at the TELRI Seminars, experts in the field will obtain a compact, up-to-date in-depth analysis of one particular focal issue, they will meet key actors, and they will be offered concrete support and cooperation by the TELRI alliance of focal national language institutes.
  • As members of the TRACTOR User Community, they will have access to a fast growing electronic archive of attractive language resources, covering the whole of Europe, to tools for extracting linguistic knowledge from this data, and to customized service, including the creation of specific data and the development of specific tools.
  • Since all results of TELRI II activities will be published or made available in a suitable form and since they will be strictly public domain, they will be at the disposal of every member of the scientific community.
All TELRI networking activities aim at raising the awareness of the language, translation, and terminology industry. Special issue-oriented awareness drives will help to disseminate the current state of the art, new concepts, and recent project results.
(C) TELRI, 09.02.2001