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The TELRI Association is registered in Mannheim, Germany, as a non-profit organization under German law. It is the legal framework in which the TELRI partners coordinate and carry out their activities. The TELRI Association is the independent pan-European voice of the multilingual research and development community, a devoted though impartial partner of the European language industry and a respected consultant of the European Commission for the Multilingual Information Society.

If you would like to find out more about membership of the Association and its advantages, please contact

Please send the forms to Mannheim and let Telri-Admin know when you have transfered your membership fee.

The TELRI Association Board meeting was held in Wienna 5th May 2001 on the ocassion of the Sixth TELRI Seminar in Bansko, Bulgaria. 4 Board members were able to attend.

Current board members of the TELRI Association are:

Here are the current member countries of the TELRI Association.

Here are the statutes of the Association in English and German.

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