Last updated 13.03.1997

TELRI Working Group 7

Joint Research

WG 7 engages in research on multilingual lexicography based on comparable and/or parallel corpora. Objectives are multilingual lexicons for NLP applications, for instance the development of procedures for automatic context categorisation, based on language independent annotation (tagging) categories with minimal linguistic assumptions, and translation equivalence. WG 7 interacts with WG 4 (Lingware Availability) and utilises their results.

WG 7 is working on these joint activities:

  1. Setting up parallel/comparable corpora;
  2. Corpus annotation;
  3. Establishing translational equivalents;
  4. Design of automatic context categorisation procedure.
John Sinclair, BIRMINGHAM
Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia 1, Riga, Bratislava 2, Ljubljana 2, Mannheim, Poznan, Prague 1, Tartu.

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