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4th TELRI European Seminar
Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography


Please book your accomodation through TELRI by filling in the registration form.

The venue of the Seminar is Hotel DRUZBA situated 10 minutes from the centre of the old town by tram. It is also accessible from all directions by car and bus (large parking area and also garages for rent). The accommodation is available in 4 single (21 DM per night) and 25 double rooms (26 DM per night per person). All rooms are en-suite, bright, comfortable and clean. Priority for cheap accomodation will be given to students and others not funded by TELRI.

The address of the Hotel Druzba :
Botanicka 25, 842 14 Bratislava.
Tel.: +421 7 65420065
Fax: +421 7 65423680

Two other hotels are within two tram stops distance of the venue.

The nearer one - SOREA - is located at nice green place called Royal Valley. The accommodation is available in 42 rooms and the price per night (73 DM) includes the breakfast. 

The address of the Hotel Sorea:
Kralovske udolie 6, 811 02 Bratislava.
Tel.: +421 7 54414442
Fax: +421 7 54411017

The third accommodation is in Botel FAIRWAY. This ship-like hotel lies at anchor on Danube promenade. It is 7 minutes from the venue and 15 minutes walk from the centre of the town. 30 en-suite cabins are available. This accommodation is rather more expensive (102 DM).

The address of the Botel Fairway:
Nabrezie arm. generala L. Svobodu,
811 02 Bratislava.
Tel.: +421 7 54412090
Fax:+421 7 54412711

How to get to the Hotels SOREA and DRUZBA (conference location) from :

  1. the Main Railway Station (HLAVNA STANICA):

  2. # TRAM No 1 to the stop called PARK KULTURY (for the Hotel SOREA)
    # TRAM No 1 or BUS No 44 to the stop called BOTANICKA ZAHRADA (for the Hotel DRUZBA)
  3. the Mlynske Nivy Bus Station (AUTOBUSOVA STANICA MLYNSKE NIVY):

  4. # BUS No 30 and go the terminus called NOVY MOST
    Then CHANGE to the
    # TRAM No 1, 4, or 12 and get off at the stop PARK KULTURY (Hotel SOREA) 
    or two stops further at BOTANICKA ZAHRADA (Hotel DRUZBA).
  5. the Bratislava Airport (LETISKO M. R. STEFANIKA):

  6. A taxi may be preferred to avoid haivng to change modes of transport twice. The taxi ride from the Airport to the hotel Druzba costs ca. 260 SKK (10 DM).

    Nevertheless, here is the annex for the patient and strong travellers: 
    Take the only "airport bus" No 24 and go to the terminus officially called BAJKALSKA (informally called Sport Hall PASIENKY).
    Change to BUS No 39 and get off at the stop officially called STAROMESTSKA (but people call it ZOCHOVA). 
    Reach the tram stop through the subway and take the TRAM No 5 or No 9.
    Get off at the stops PARK KULTURY (Hotel SOREA) or BOTANICKA ZAHRADA (Hotel DRUZBA).

(C) TELRI, 29.9.1999