Last updated 17.12.1995

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TELRI Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure

Copernicus Concerted Action 1202

TELRI is a European Commission-funded initiative which will create a viable infrastructure between leading European language and language technology centers in order to provide a platform for industry, research institutes and universities and to supply the NLP community with precompetitive / public domain monolingual and multilingual language resources. These resources are: corpora, machine readable dictionaries and lexica, lexical data bases, and software tools for the creation, re-use, maintenance, valorisation and exploitation of linguistic data. The TELRI concerted action started in January '95 and will last for three years.

TELRI comprises overall coordinating activities and five Work Packages, which are, in turn, divided into eleven Working Groups. Altogether, the TELRI concerted action involves 22 partners in 17 countries.

This is the home-page for the TELRI project. There is an open-discussion list also under telri-l.
The TELRI sites are linked, where possible, to Web pages of their respective countries and institutions, to site profiles of ElsNetNodes [] and to site profiles of Language Engineering Organisations [] in Central and Eastern Europe, collected by ElsNet [].

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