Last updated 13.03.1997

TELRI Working Group 5

TELRI Service Pool

WG 5 pools existing service activities of TELRI partners and develops a design for a streamlined presentation of common service activities, including such issues as charges, contracts and copyright problems. WG 5 is supported by all TELRI partners, who are responsible to provide information concerning their own service activities. The TELRI service facilities will be presented in the TELRI Newsletters, the TELRI Seminars and at other appropriate occasions.

WG 5 engages in these joint activities:

  1. Collection of TELRI partners service facilities;
  2. Presentation of TELRI service facilities;
  3. Organisation of a TELRI service pool, offering service, consulting and assistance for language technology.
Laurent Romary, Nancy
Warsaw, Bratislava 2, Bucharest, Kaunas, Leiden, Tartu.

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