Last updated 13.03.1997

TELRI Advisory Board

Relevant public domain research institutions, medium or long term projects and related ongoing actions outside of the TELRI Consortium can become members in the (self-financing) TELRI Advisory Board, and they can take part in TELRI activities by bilateral agreement.


BEI Prof. Dr. Feng Zhiwei
Beijing (China)
BEL Prof. Dr. Dusko Vitas
Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
MSK Prof. Dr. Alexander Zubov
Minsk (Belarus)
MCW Prof. Dr. Wladis Andrjuscenko
Moscow (Russia)
ANK Prof. Dr. Kemal Oflazer
Ankara (Turkey)
SAM Prof. Dr. Hamdam Arzikulov
Samarkand (Uzbekistan)
POU Prof. Nancy Ide
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (USA)

Annual meetings of the Advisory Board take place in conjunction with TELRI Seminars.

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