Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure - II


4th TELRI European Seminar
Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography

      Manuscript Guidelines 

Deadline December 13, 1999
1. Contributions should be in English. If not written by a native speaker, it is advisable to have the paper checked by a native speaker.

2. Authors should submit four copies of their MANUSCRIPT, double spaced with 3cm margins. The first page should contain the title of the article; the name, affiliation, and address of each author; a self-contained abstract in English (100-150 words); and a short list of keywords. To speed up the review process, authors are encouraged to submit their contributions also by e-mail to In this case only three hardcopies have to be submitted.

3. Upon acceptance, the author will be requested to send the final version on disk (WinWord 6.0 compatible or plain ASCII) accompanied by two identical hardcopies.

4. Authors are responsible for observing copyright laws when quoting or reproducing material. The copyright of articles published in TELRI proceedings is held by the TELRI Association. Permission for the author to use the article elsewhere will be granted by the publisher provided full acknowledgement is given to the source.

5. Papers should be reasonably divided into sections and, if necessary, subsections. The headings of these subsections should be numbered in Arabic numerals (1.; 1.1; 1.1.1).

6. Spelling should be British English or American English and should be consistent throughout the paper.

7. Line drawings (FIGURES) and photographs (PLATES) should be submitted as reproducible originals. They should be numbered consecutively, and appropriate captions should be provided. Reference to any figures or plates should be given where they should approximately appear.

8. TABLES should be numbered consecutively and should be referred to in the main text.

9. NOTES should be kept to a minimum. They should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper and be listed in a NOTES section following the main text.

10. REFERENCES in the text should follow the style (Brown 1989:224-256). The REFERENCE section should follow the NOTES and should list all references cited in the main text. References should be listed (1) alphabetically and (2) chronologically in the case of more than one publication by an author. Names of journals should be given in full with page references. Examples:

    Sinclair, J. McH. 1991. Corpus, Concordance, Collocation. Oxford: 
    Oxford University Press
    Wright, S.E. and G. Budin (eds.). Forthcoming. Handbook of
    Terminology Management. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins

    Article in book/journal
    Church, K.W. and P. Hanks. 1990. "Word Association Norms, Mutual
    Information & Lexicography". Computational Linguistics 16(1): 22-29.
    Fillmore, C. 1988. "The Mechanisms of Construction Grammar."
    Proceedings of the 14th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics
    Society, ed. by S. Axmaker et al., 35-55. Berkeley: BLS.

11. Authors are kindly requested to check their manuscripts very carefully before submission in order to avoid delays for publication. The first author will receive two copies of page proofs for final correction. These must be returned with corrections by the dates determined by the publication schedule. Any author's alterations other than typographical corrections in the page proofs may be charged to the author.

12. Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be sent to TELRI. Address:

     z.H. Joyce Thompson
     Institut für deutsche Sprache 
     Postfach 101621 
     D - 68161 Mannheim, Germany
                     Tel./Fax: +49-621-1581-415 
                     (also Fax:+49-621-1581-200) 
(C) TELRI, 1999